Both product/e-commerce and editorial jewelry photo shoots are available at Pixella. Depending on whether your shoot is indoors or outdoors, we dazzle the sparkle away. Thankfully, the Pixella team has mastered this art form for years while covering major commercial shoots for various brands. Trust our crew who not only know and understand jewelry, but have the experience and technique of the essence and its special design. Lighting, special effects and weather condition is taken into consideration to make your jewelry look flawless in the images. Whether it’s for social media advertisements, banners, or even for your personal blog, Pixella will add the extra sparkle. Many jewelers trust us to shoot their work for personal portfolios and for wholesale purposes. Badly lit photographed images can risk losing customers, and nobody wants to lose sales! That is exactly why we shoot high-quality, high-resolution stunning images to ensure and even increase your sales.